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Known issues of Instantli 2 Private Beta with macOS 10.13 High Sierra

edited November 2018 in macOS Beta
If you update your Mac to the newest major release macOS 10.13 High Sierra, we recommend to drop the database of Instantli and rebuild the Spotlight index. This is, because the update process corrupts the index and modifies the access right of some files like the database of Instantli. To solve the issue, you can use the Terminal.app. If you don’t know where to find the app, enter Terminal into the Spotlight search field.

After you have opened the Terminal.app you can enter step by step the following commands. Press enter after each line.

mdutil -E /
rm ~/Library/Application Support/com.iqser.Instantli
rm ~/Library/Cashes/com.iqser.Instantli

We recommend to use sudo for rebuilding the index:

sudo mdutil -E /

In this case you will be asked for the password for your administration account on your Mac.

Unfortunately, Apple has shipped macOS 10.13 with a serious bug, that has an impact on the features of Instantli: Instantli asks the system to access your account settings of Twitter and Facebook, but the system neither shows the permission dialogue nor grants access, if you have already given the permission to Instantli in the past. We filed this bug to Apple, but it’s unlikely, that Apple will take care of it. Therefore we will evaluate alternative solutions to integrate your Twitter and Facebook account into Instantli.


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