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Instantli and Instantli HD v1.3 come with one installer

Today, we released the new version of the Instantli and Insatntli HD within one installer.

How to install new Instantli v1.3?

1. If you currently using Instantli HD, first you have to uninstall Instantli HD, and install Instantli v1.3 with unique installer from official web site http//instantli.com

2. If you are regular Instantli user you should get the new version as soon as you run Instantli application.

Whats new in Instantli v1.3

1. Instantli v1.3 contains licensing modul. If you want to use HD feature you should get license key first. For more info please contact us.
2. New look for GIN Dialog Connection
2. Several bug fixes and performance improvements.
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