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Instantli HD

We have created an extended version Instantli HD, that integrated the semantic middleware GIN Server as an additional source. The beta tester of Instantli HD should use the different download link, we have send them. After the installation you configure the URL, username and password of your organization's GIN Server in the account settings of Instantli HD.


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    As a new internal beta tester, I was supplied with the beta version of Instantli HD and the credentials for the iqser test back end. I'm using the Windows x64 version of Instantli HD and I'm unable to connect to our server with the provided credentials. Those credentials do work in SOAP Gui, though. Thus, I think there's a problem with Instantli HD on Windows. I'll be happy to assist to reproduce this unwanted behavior.
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    Do you have Windows 8 or Windows 7? How does your URL look like? A valid URL is http:// or https://. I your GIN Server is accessible by another port than 80 you have to add the port to the URL like http://:
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